Words of Wisdom, Chapter 2

Words of Wisdom, Chapter 2

Bob Marley Music Quote

This is another quote that I like.  I don’t necessarily agree with it entirely.  Before all the Marley fans start booing, let me explain why…..

I do agree that, on occasion, when music hits you, you feel no pain.  You can feel it washing over you and cleansing whatever whoas you have.  BUT. Music is way more than that for me on many levels.  For instance, when I write music it is sometimes a process where I need cleansing, and sometimes it is painful emotionally(or emotionally painful). Sometimes when I’m listening to music and a particular song comes on it may evoke memories that can either be painful or joyful.  This morning a song came on the radio that invoked so much emotion that it made me to turn up the volume, sing loudly, and yes, start crying(tears of joy).  This particular song wakened a memory so strong that it actually transported me back to a moment in time, and I relived it while singing and bee-bopping during my commute down 95. It left me uplifted, and my heart both felt light and heavy, first reliving the moment, and then wishing it would last longer. There was pain there, but it came from reliving a fond time in my life.

On the other side of that coin, There is another song that I love as well, but when I hear it(it bringing sorrowful tears to my eyes), I get sad and mopey. It was a song I was listening to when my brother Jim passed years ago.  It was a song I played often back then, and thank God for the invention of CDs, because I would have gone through quite a few tapes for the amount of times I played that album! But for me the song spoke to me like Jim would have during that rough period. So, when it comes on I sing it loud and cry, and feel both the pain of my loss and the joy of remembering Jim.

I wouldn’t say when music hits you, you feel no pain.  For me, music is more complicated than that. I believe on some level everyone has a song(or two or three…) that when it hits you, you feel it in SOME way.  Music is very powerful. It brings out something in all of us. It’s a memory jogger that brings pain, good and bad.