Words of Wisdom Chapter 3

Words of Wisdom Chapter 3

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I stared at this one for a long time.  I think my smugness as an artist came out at once and said, “I CREATE!  THEREFORE IT IS ART!”  But once my head cleared and I was alone in a reverberating room of silence I realized…..

The nature of creation is a multi-level platform. On some levels it works for the artist, yet it is not complete, or the experience isn’t complete, until it is shared.  Once it is shared and multiple emotions, moods, feelings, etc. come out of experiencing the art, then it truly becomes art.  It’s kinda like that old saying, “If a tree fell in the forest would it make a sound?”  Well, if an artist created art and no one experienced it, is it art?

One of my favorite things about creating music is seeing how it washes over someone listening.  Watching them be transformed by it.  At that point I can truly call my work art.