About (DLF Bio)

In the womb he heard music as diverse as the legendary James Brown singing “Say it Loud….” to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major (a sonata in three movements).

His personal and individual rhythm being honed by age 14 months old as he beat out a distinct (if not disturbing) sound from the pots and pans scattered throughout the his mother’s usually meticulous kitchen. His large soft afro swayed to the music as he danced and sang with the large mixing spoon mike while being filmed by his brother on the old Bell and Howell Super 8 mm camera. And then the obligatory pre-adolescent piano lessons, finding his singing voice in high school madrigals and with the University of Rochester a’ cappela group the Yellowjackets.

The die was cast.

The O’ Jays, an outworn Radio Shack cassette tape of Billy Joel’s…”All for Leyna”, Stevie, Kraftwerk counting “Numbers”, the Temptations, Queens Limited US Release Greatest Hits album and the Eagles become the backdrop to the musician… coming of age; music his awakening.

The electronic influences: Art of Noise, Vangelis, Peter Gabriel help DLF create his talk…Crystal Method, John Mayer and Moby defined DLF’s walk…as the producer/composer is born.

DLF has arrived….his music blends electronica and modern/alternative rock creating an eclectic sound. DLF states “Electronica’s energy is revolutionary,…yet retrospective in the meshing of harmonic blends of diverse sounds and genres”.

DLF’s debut independent, self-produced CD, Wavelength was played in discos throughout Brussels, Belgium and several tracks from the same album were played in Indie scene in Chicago.

December 2007 launching of the self-produced CD, Moments in Silence heralded the increase success of DLF’s musical and creative “territory”. Shortly after its release, German music reviewer, eSoul (after purchasing one of the first copies of the CD) emailed Darrin and informed him that he would review the CD in one of the German e-magazines.

In early 2008, “This Isn’t Over (Johnny’s Theme)” was selected to go on the graphic novel Johnny Delgado is Dead soundtrack CD. Following on the success of this project, “Dreaming in Colored Waters” was chosen for the Logo MTV cable television series, Gimme Sugar; to be aired in Summer 2008.

At the end of April 2008, DLF was contacted after some of his dance tunes were forwarded to Studio 51 Music; a production company that provides music for major TV, Cable, and Film. That has turned into a great opportunity, writing for several major daytime television shows and recently signing on to work with several other major libraries for Film and TV!

DLF also signed a licensing contract with Audiosocket, a music library dedicated to getting DLF’s music in film, TV, the internet, and videogames. He has also signed a licensing contract with HDMUSICNOW.com for the song, “Let’s Get To It (Victor’s Theme). DLF has been played on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz, Model Latina, and a variety of other cable and internet shows.

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