Ok, I’m excited about this page because I FINALLY got a system down so you can get ALL the latest and greatest music from DLF!

Below is a music player LOADED with tunes. I hope you enjoy them! Below the music player is an easy way to sign up to get exclusive downloads. It’s as simple as putting you email address in the box, that’s it! Becoming a fan gives your some exclusives to music and video downloads, as well as head’s up on information, where DLF is going be, what he’s doing, and SWAG (coming soon).

So, enjoy listening to some music, and before you leave, sign up for some exclusive downloads!


NEW!!! Soundcloud picks!

I’m going to start putting some sounds here that are not on the players.  They could be ideas that never made the cut, or things I’ve forgotten about from years ago that I think are worthy of another listen.  Enjoy!  Here’s the first one:

A Cappella – Seven Bridges Road




  1. Tuesday At Two Thirty-five DLF 3:22
  2. Welcome to Friday DLF 4:45
  1. Broadcasted Funk 2:59
  2. One Mo 'G'in DLF 2:40
  3. Morning Broadcast DLF 2:41
  4. Lunch Break 2:20
  5. Midnight House 12-12-17, 12:29 PM 4:00
  6. Retro Funk 12-11-17, 12:50 PM 3:13